Raising Resilience  

Equip your staff with a set of skills and approaches that will enable them to cope with inevitable and unexpected change.     

In your organisation:


✘ Are your staff feeling overwhelmed by

change and the demands placed on them?

✘ Do you find that people get ‘stuck’ and seem unable to make decisions that move them forward?

✘ Do you have high levels of sickness absence due to stress and mental health issues?

✘ Are working relationships characterised by oversensitivity and petty conflicts?

✘ Are staff wellbeing and engagement top priorities for you?

We offer interactive workshops specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation including:


✓Equipping staff with a toolkit to identify when they are under pressure and respond confidently and objectively.

✓Helping people to recognise how factors outside of the workplace may be influencing their resilience and how they can best address this.

✓Enabling staff to stop and reflect when they feel stressed and make a positive choice about their reaction.

✓Encouraging people to address challenging workplace relationships that are impacting on resilience

We know from our experience that:

  • Lack of resilience can lead to conflict;
  • Poor communication  erodes trust; and
  • Entrenched conflict often leads to ill-health.

And we have the tools and skills to help staff


“A very powerful day with excellent teachers and the professional actors were a fab addition!”   NHS England delegate 

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