Courageous Conversations Workshops

Do the managers in your organisation:

✘ Avoid tackling performance issues with their staff?
✘ Allow the needs of individuals to dominate the needs of the
✘ Fail to deal with the small issues before they develop into
bigger problems?
✘ Become anxious about raising difficult issues with their staff?
✘ Operate in fear of receiving a complaint or a grievance?
✘ Struggle with the line between effective performance
management and bullying?< New text box >>

Our workshops offer:

✓ Trained actors to demonstrate how get these
conversations right
✓ An understanding of the fears which cause us to avoid
these difficult conversations and simple strategies to
overcome them
✓ The opportunity to discuss and rehearse difficult
conversations and the confidence to hold them for real
immediately afterwards
✓ Follow up support to embed the learningNew text box >>

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“What a wonderful workshop – the event provided so much food for
thought and allowed us to think about how to tackle those difficult issues. The actors brought the event to life and it was fascinating to see the value of having the right discussion.”

Emma Summers –
Managing Director of Juice Recruitment 

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"Rarely, if ever, have I learnt something so valuable in such a short space of time"

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