Bullying and Harassment  - Case Study and Testimonial

North Somerset Community Partnership, (NSCP), is a provider of a range
of healthcare services to the people of North Somerset. The Partnership employs
a team of over 600 healthcare professionals who deliver community healthcare
services to almost 210,000 people in the area. The Company is one of the
largest employers in North Somerset and is staff owned Social Enterprise with
clear identity and social purpose.


Conflict Masters has worked with NSCP on a number of innovative development
projects, including equipping a team of ‘bullying & harassment advisors’
with the confidence and skills to effectively carry out a new role.


As a progressive organisation, committed to creating a safe and positive
workplace, NSCP has been implementing workplace policies and procedures that
encourage an open and constructive approach to tackling difficult issues, including
bullying & harassment.


To practically demonstrate their commitment, a team of 12 advisors were recently
trained and appointed to provide a confidential advice and support service to
any member of staff concerned about workplace bullying or harassment issues.


Conflict Masters carefully designed a memorable development programme to
match the knowledge and skill requirements detailed in the organisation’s new role
description. Working closely with the HR team, we sought to ensure that the new
advisors would:


  • Know the key elements of legislation and perceived best practice and where to seek further information in this area if needed
  • Understand the basic theory behind conflict and the roles which people may adopt when believing that they are being bullied or harassed
  • Understand which key skills and processes can help a person who believes they are being harassed or bullied.
  • Have the opportunity during the development programme to practice these key skills & processes.
  • Be clear about what is required (and what is not) in their roles as bullying and harassment advisors and how to obtain advice and support when required.


This successful development programme was enhanced by the input of
Professional actors who were able to ‘bring to life’ actions that are necessary
to make the workplace operate effectively and the comparison with behaviors
that may constitute bullying & harassment. 


Philip Pyle, People Advisor at NSCP says ”working with Conflict Masters
across a range of projects has enabled North Somerset Community Partnership to
develop its employee offering and equip our company with the skill and support
network necessary to handle difficult employment matters. Conflict Masters were
able to quickly understand our brief and specific requirements, tailoring a
training solution that was insightful, engaging and extremely well received by

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